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Individual Taxation Basic Concepts

This group of courses is aimed to become the gateway for those who want to dabble in to the tax discipline, as well as a tool for updating, strengthening and clarification of the tax profession fundamentals in the United States.

Advanced Individual Taxation

The issues included in this segment of training material include the complexities associated with taxes for individuals, to the extent on which their sources of income are diversified and entail, therefore, specific considerations as to which costs and expenses can be deducted when reporting such income to the tax authority.

Business Entities’ Taxation

It is said that the United States’ Internal Revenue Code largely encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of the people. This theme group of courses covers those tax schemes for the different forms of business organizations permitted by the Federal Government.

Business Education

This group of courses is designed to assist the small entrepreneur in terms of the different characteristics of the available business structures and the operational, legal, labor, accounting, financial and tax practices of the American environment. It is also an ideal tool for those who wish to explore the possibility of stopping from being employees and venture into the business world.

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