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At EDU-TAX-ACCOUNTING we concentrate on technical and professional training, with special emphasis on Hispanics and their transition to the culture, customs, laws and regulations of the United States. In addition, we provide distinctive, innovative and necessary tools on tax and accounting education, which also extend to all tax preparers enabled by the IRS. In essence, we provide “a solution to every organizational problem in order to develop any economic activity in sustainable way”.


1. Integrity. Righteousness, honesty, morality, integrity, transparency and loyalty in our daily action are the cornerstones of our growth.
2. Leadership. We collaborate with the collective talents for the welfare and development of each activity oriented towards our customers.
3. Quality. We strive to provide the best content , constantly innovating with multidisciplinary teams profesionals.
4. Diversity. We are committed to shaping a broad spectrum of possibilities to assist every need.
5. Professionalism. We focus on delivering our services and treat our clients with total professionalism, according to each discipline regulatory and ethical codes.